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  • answer provided by...

    Dennis S.

    Owner & Sales

    Since 1975

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  • Is it important to clean the condenser coils under my refrigerator?

    Answer provided by Dennis - Owner & Sales

    Yes! Keeping these coils free of dust and pet hair allow the refrigerator to use less energy when running and also extends the life of the unit. To clean, remove the toe guard. Then carefully vacuum in between the coils with the extension from your vacuum hose. If you have questions, call us!
  • answer provided by...

    John M.


    Since 2006

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  • Do I need to remove the oven racks from my range when I run the self clean feature on it?

    Answer provided by John - Sales

    Yes, we do recommend removing them as the oven reaches temps up to 900 degrees when the self clean feature is used. If you do not remove them, the finish on the racks will be ruined.